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Marchio specializzato nelle lingue straniere

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Raffaello Ragazzi

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Raffaello Formazione

Laboratorio di idee per rendere protagonisti i docenti

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Be Happy Be Happy
Be Happy

Be Happy - Felici di crescere

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Foreign Rights

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Smart Readers

Smart Readers is the new series of Graded readers in English. The stories in the series are fun and in simple language forms at an A1 (CEFR) level of study. The series is sub-divided into three language levels and consist in UK and American Classics, as well as original stories. Full-page illustrations assist comprehension together with audio Cds to consolidate pronunciation. At the end of each story, exercises in the style of Cambridge YLE, allow the children to practise vocabulary and grammar. These are followed the by a page regarding culture and social studies which develop the subject matter covered in each book and traditions and customs from English speaking countries.

  • Eli And Ila Go To London
  • Dick Whittington
  • Eli And Ila Go To London

    Eli And Ila Go To London

    An exciting journey to London with Eli and Ila to discover all main attractions: Big Ben, Tower bridge, Buckingham palace and many other places, seen through the eyes of the two little girls.

    Level 1 - for beginners

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  • Dick Whittington

    Dick Whittington

    This is a book about cats, mice, faraway places and a boy, Dick Whittington. Dick is seeking his fortune in the city of London, destined to become one of the most celebrated characters in English literature.

    Level 3 - for readers who are used to reading in English

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